Interpretation (06)

Official interpreter
appointed by the Court
of Appeal of

French <=> English
French<=> Spanish

Interpretation is oral translation.The interpreter enables two linguistic groups to communicate orally, while each one uses their own language and cultural background.
There are different types of interpretations: simultaneous, consecutive or conference interpretation. The type used depends on the communication constraints and issues at stake.

I specialise in consecutive interpretation. This occurs between two or more speakers. The consecutive interpreter usually waits until the speaker finishes a sentence to start translating it. This lengthens the speaking time.

I can be your interpreter in the following cases :

In order to be at my best during interpretation, I like to prepare my intervention as thoroughly as possible. I obtain information on the field concerned, on the speakers, study the subject, previous written translations, prepare terminology, pre-translation.

I apply the codes of ethics of neutrality, faithfulness and confidentiality.

Thanks to my versatility and to my capacity as an official translator/expert, I am required to work in very different contexts: at court or with the police, in a medical environment, in a business deal, with administration, during training, on a building site with architects and experts, with public or social services, during cultural events or conferences.

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Pascale Adam-Stuart propose translation working and interpretation working to companies and individuals located in the Sophia-Antipolis area on the French Riviera (Alpes-Maritimes state 06).